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I’m Practicing Harm Reduction

I’m practicing harm reduction counseling with myself, I’ve decided. I’ve been having the most textbook experience of ambivalence dealing with an issue… Circling, spiraling, around the issue with dread even as I’m working toward addressing it directly. In just a few more days, the issue is done. Meanwhile, lots and lots of breaks (and a few pointy sticks to get me back on task).


Yoruba Wisdom

yoruba wisdom
When the shadow of a tree is bent, don’t straighten the shadow, straighten the tree.


If these are the end times…

dec 12 2012 woods end times If these are the end times, ask yourself: What habits, patterns, addictions, resentments, fears, thoughts, permissions, barriers, beliefs will YOU end in order to usher in a new world, a new life?

Endings are beginnings–be present.

There IS a path: The gift, and the burden, is that *you* must clear it.


What is taking form within you?

winter sunriseWhat new life, what inner miracle, are you tending to now, in these dark inward days between the outward expression of the sun? What embodiment of divine wisdom is taking form within you?


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