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Shirley Chisholm Forever

shirley chisolm stampI love the United States Postal Service! Was at my local post office this morning to mail out a letter and pick up stamps. Saw a poster featuring Shirley Chisholm on a stamp and got super excited. Sadly, no more sheets available at this location. Plus the mail pickup wasn’t until 5:30 pm and I was there at 9 am.

Had the time, so headed downtown to the main post office. Hourly mail pick-up, so in goes the letter. Super-friendly postal agent at the counter. Asked about the Chisholm stamp, and she knew exactly what I was talking about. After a search in her collection…no stamps. But wait! She was SURE that she’d seen a sheet in someone else’s drawer, so she signed out of her computer and made her way through the post office looking for some Shirley Chisholm stamps for me. And this despite commentary from her neighboring coworker that there were no more Chisholm stamps left, and most certainly none in the back.

Wouldn’t you know that in fewer than 3 minutes, she was back–with four sheets of Shirley Chisholm stamps in hand? I was so excited, I purchased them all. I expressed my deep appreciation and was out the door with my stamps, feeling all kinds of love for the USPS. And Shirley Chisholm.

Read the great description they have of her at the USPS website!


From a Mustard Seed

mustard greensNature is so profoundly beautiful!

I planted these mustard greens from seed last fall. They overwintered, and with very little attention from me, grew into these amazing, abundant plants. I harvested these large, lovely bunches of greens today to prepare the garden for another summer of abundance. They were so amazing to hug–holding them close, I was truly in awe of their vibrance.

These mustard greens have already been prepared as massaged raw salad with sesame, Gumbo Z’Herbes, Indian favorite sarson ka saag, and sauteed greens with balsamic vinegar.

Even if you don’t have a lot of space or a lot of time, you can collaborate with nature and grow something nutritious and beautiful–try it!


What is taking form within you?

winter sunriseWhat new life, what inner miracle, are you tending to now, in these dark inward days between the outward expression of the sun? What embodiment of divine wisdom is taking form within you?


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